Coaches are the backbone of our program and we want to provide the support and education they need to be successful. The purpose of the Coach License Program is to offer comprehensive training to coaches so that they are equipped to provide quality programming to student-athletes that meets national standards and best practices while developing strong mind, body and character.

Below are currently scheduled training opportunities. To register for a course, please click on the link. Upon completion, upload the certificate to your coach profile in the ACA registration system.

First Aid and CPR

Mountain biking is a sport of inherent risks and injuries can happen away from immediate medical services. Proper training empowers coaches to respond appropriately in challenging situations so that they can quickly and calmly administer aid to their level of training and assess if emergency personnel should be alerted.

All Level 2 and Level 3 coaches are required to be certified in first aid (AHA Basic First Aid or equivalent) and CPR. First aid certifications last 2-3 years depending on the accrediting body. CPR is often included with first aid training, but should have its own certification card. CPR certifications typically last 2 years and courses are widely available.

All first aid and CPR classes must have an in-person component. Fully online classes are not accepted.

Many occupations require advanced first aid training to maintain their professional license and/or as a condition of employment. For qualifications listed below, upload your certification directly to your coach profile in place of the first aid requirement.

Athletic TrainerParamedic
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)Physician Assistant (PA)
Medical Doctor (MD)Registered Nurse (RN)
Nurse Practitioner (NP)Wilderness First Aid (WFA)
Osteopathic Physician (DO)Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

MTB Skills Training

Coaches learn the progressive steps needed to teach both basic and advanced mountain biking skills, experiential teaching techniques, how to accommodate different learning styles and how to create a positive learning environment for young riders. Taught by ACA-certified skills trainers. MTB 101: Essential Skills is required for coach license Level 2 and Level 3.

Note: MTB 101 is a prerequisite for MTB 201 and 101/201 MAY NOT be taken on the same day or successive days. Likewise, MTB 201 is a prerequisite for MTB 301 and 201/301 MAY NOT be taken on the same day or successive days.




Complete this form to request a skills clinic in your area.

Leadership Summit

The ACA’s annual Leadership Summit brings together coaches, parents, volunteers and industry professionals to develop skills and knowledge, share strategies and build community. The conference promotes a holistic approach to coaching that creates an environment in which young people can grow and thrive, and is the best opportunity for new coaches to become acquainted with the best practices of coaching student-athletes.

Required for coach license Level 3. First time attendance is applied to the licensing requirement; attendance at a subsequent Summit may be applied to CEUs.


Field Work Hours

Coaches log and self-report their field hours – 20 hours for Level 2 coaches, and 80 hours for Level 3 coaches – to ensure time is invested in applying their coach education and training in a team setting. This way all Level 2 and Level 3 coaches gain the valuable field experience that is needed to develop a coaching style, build rapport with their student-athletes, and apply our philosophy of meeting kids where they are at.

Time spent working directly with ACA student-athletes in a coaching role can be logged as field work hours. Hours spent on administrative tasks, traveling, or volunteering at ACA events, or coaching with other youth organizations do not count towards field work hours (although we greatly appreciate all of your time invested!).

Field work hours are self-reported in CCN.  Use this template to log and report your hours.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

A coach must complete Continuing Education Units every 3 years to maintain (not attain) a Level 2 or Level 3 coach license. The Level 2 coach must complete three CEUs every three years; the Level 3 coach must complete six CEUs every three years. Generally, one hour of course work equals one CEU.

There are a variety of ways to complete the CEUs. An easy way to complete CEUs is by attending a Leadership Summit. The first time a coach attends a Leadership Summit, credit is applied to the licensing requirement. Any time a coach attends a subsequent Summit, that attendance will be applied to CEUs.

The coach must present (upload to ACA registration system) an official certificate of completion to be granted CEU credit from any outside organization. The certificate must include the number of course hours, a signature/official approval from the organization or instructor and the date of completion.

Coaches may submit trainings from other organizations for consideration for CEUs. Please note, course hours must be specific and relevant to coaching adolescents, to mountain biking and cycling skills. CEUs are valid for three years from the time of completion, not submission.

This table provides course recommendations and information on CEUs to maintain your Level 2 and Level 3 coach licenses. If you have any questions or would like to verify if another course qualifies, please email Chloe at