The Arizona Cycling Association Rulebook governs the conduct of student-athletes, coaches, parents and guardians, and all non-riders assisting or associated with a rider. This essential publication is designed to keep our participants safe and our competition fair. All individuals involved with the Arizona Cycling Association are expected to review the Rulebook and familiarize themselves with the rules and guidelines put forth. This document has been created and approved by the ACA Rules Committee, and is effective March 1, 2024.

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The ACA Rules Committee meets annually to discuss issues that came up during the prior season and review all rules to ensure that they still meet the standards of fair and safe competition. The committee votes on proposed modifications, then the updated Rulebook for the following season is published. If you would like to submit a change request to an existing rule or recommend a new rule, please complete this form. All suggestions must be submitted by December 31 for consideration for the following year.