The information in this race flyer is subject to change. Please check back prior to the event to make sure you have the most up-to-date information available.

Schedule at a Glance

Saturday, November 2

9:00 a.m.Head Coaches Meeting
10:00 a.m.Middle School Boys Race
11:00 a.m.Middle School Girls Race
1:00 p.m.High School 4-Person Team Relay Race
3:00 p.m.Awards
6:30 p.m.DJ-Hosted Party

Sunday, November 3

7:00 a.m.Head Coaches Meeting
8:00 a.m.High School Boys Varsity/JV1 Race
9:45 a.m.High School Girls Race
11:30 a.m.High School Boys JV2 Race
1:00 p.m.High School Boys Freshman Race
3:00 p.m.Awards

Location & Directions

Installation Access

Fort Huachuca is an active military base, however we’ve made access easy. You can save time and avoid the standard visitor access protocols by presenting the special ACA base access pass (coming soon). Simply announce yourself to the drive thru gate guard as a participant in the mountain bike race and present the pass – remember to print it and bring it with you – when proceeding through the access control points. If you forget to print your pass you will need to go through the Visitor Control Center at the Van Deman Gate (west gate).

Course Overview

At over 5,000 feet in elevation, this course rolls through pine trees, oak trees and grassy fields along the foothills of the Huachuca Mountains. You will encounter small boulders to maneuver around, roots, short steep climbs and a few soft sandy areas. The 4.1 mile course runs clockwise and climbs 348 feet per lap.

Course & Infield Map

Course POV

State Championships Qualification

Student-athletes must individually qualify for the State Championships race, based on the following criteria:

1.  Compete in a minimum of three (3) races in the four-race conference series; and

2.  Top Overall Individual Series point earners as follows:

  • All Varsity Boys and Girls.
  • All Junior Varsity 1 Boys and Girls.
  • Top 50 Junior Varsity 2 Division I Boys per conference.
  • Top 50 Junior Varsity 2 Division II Boys per conference.
  • Top 50 Junior Varsity 2 Girls per conference.
  • Top 50 Freshman Division I Boys per conference.
  • Top 50 Freshman Division II Boys per conference.
  • Top 50 Freshman Girls per conference.
  • Top 50 8th Grade Boys per conference.
  • Top 50 8th Grade Girls per conference.
  • Top 50 7th Grade Boys per conference.
  • Top 50 7th Grade Girls per conference.
  • Top 50 6th Grade Boys per conference.
  • Top 50 6th Grade Girls per conference.
  • All high school seniors regardless of category and placement.
State Championships Qualified Riders List & Staging Order (link updated after Race #4)


If you have qualified for States and purchased the Race Package earlier this season, your race registration is all set. However, if you’ve been entering races individually then you’ll need to register for States in CCN. Online registration for States closes Wednesday, October 30, at 11:59 p.m. Onsite race registration is available, plus an additional $15 late fee (membership registration must be completed online prior). Riders registering “day of” at the race venue must register at least one (1) hour before their race starts.

All student-athletes will receive a race number plate and riders will use the same plate for the entire race series. Number plates have chip timing transponders on the backside so exercise care to avoid damage. Please remove the number plate from the bike before loading it for transport to prevent damage or loss. Replacement number plates will be available at the registration tent for $25. The registration tent will be open on Saturday and Sunday beginning at 7:00 a.m.

These FAQs provide step-by-step directions to help you navigate the registration process. If you need further assistance please contact registration services.

Category Placement & Exemption Petitions

Category Placement Petitions are not accepted for the State Championships. Riders may not petition to upgrade/downgrade to a race category different than assigned. Riders wishing to compete in the State Championships who failed to meet the qualification criteria due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances must submit an Exemption Petition through their Head Coach or Team Director. The petition deadline is October 23 at 11:59 p.m.


The course will be open for pre-ride to all registered student-athletes and licensed coaches on Friday from 12:00 p.m. until sunset and Saturday following the conclusion of racing (approximately 3:00 p.m.) until sunset. On Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. the course is open to high school female student-athletes, middle school student-athletes (female and male), and their coaches only. High school boys are not allowed on the course during this period. Please pass course workers with care. All student-athletes and coaches must have a number plate attached to their bike in order to pre-ride the course. Unregistered parents/siblings may not ride the course.

We encourage teams to pre-ride prior to event weekend. Click on the top right corner of the Google Map above to view a larger map of the course and staging area. Download the GPX file for your navigation device.

Coaches Meeting

This is where you’ll get vital information about the race day, such as risk management, race conditions and anything else that we need to share with you. Sometimes we need to make changes due to weather or other circumstances so it’s important you’re at the meeting to keep your team and riders informed! It is mandatory that all teams have at least one (1) coach attend the meeting. The coaches meetings will be held at the ACA equipment trailer beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Middle School Race Categories & Wave Start Times (Saturday)

Category (Race Plate Color & Number Series)Start TimeLapsDistance
WAVE 1 – staging will begin at 9:45 a.m.
Boys 8th Grade (Blue 5000s)10:00 a.m.TBDTBD miles
Boys 7th Grade (Copper 6000s)10:05 a.m.TBDTBD miles
Boys 6th Grade (Yellow 7000s)10:10 a.m.TBDTBD miles
WAVE 2 – staging will begin at 10:45 a.m.
Girls 8th Grade (Blue 500s)11:00 a.m.TBDTBD miles
Girls 7th Grade (Copper 600s)11:05 a.m.TBDTBD miles
Girls 6th Grade (Yellow 700s)11:10 a.m.TBDTBD miles

4-Person Team Relay Race (Saturday)

Relay teams’ riders will each do one lap of the course, passing a baton to their teammate at the end of their lap.

  • Each team shall be made up of one (1) Varsity rider, one (1) Junior Varsity 1 rider, one (1) Junior Varsity 2 rider, and one (1) Freshman rider. However, the following substitutions shall be permissible:
    • Varsity may be substituted by Junior Varsity 1, Junior Varsity 2, or Freshman.
    • Junior Varsity 1 may be substituted by Junior Varsity 2 or Freshman.
    • Junior Varsity 2 may be substituted by Freshman.
  • Each team shall include at least one (1) male and one (1) female.
  • The team chooses the order in which its riders are sent off.
  • One team entry regardless of team size.
  • Team trophies and individual medals shall be awarded three places deep in each division.
There is no additional fee for riders who are registered to compete in the individual State Championships race. Riders who did not qualify for the individual State Championships race are eligible to participate in the team relay event, however all riders must be registered and paid.
Team RelayStart TimeLapsDistance
DIVISION – staging will begin at 12:45 p.m.
Division 1 Teams1:00 p.m.4 x 116.4 miles
Division 2 Teams1:05 p.m.4 x 116.4 miles

High School Race Categories & Wave Start Times (Sunday)

Category (Race Plate Color & Number Series)Start TimeLapsDistance
WAVE 1 – staging will begin at 7:45 a.m.
Boys Varsity (Blue 1000s)8:00 a.m.520.5 miles
Boys JV1 – Division 1 (Copper 2000-2499)8:05 a.m.520.5 miles
Boys JV1 – Division 2 (Yellow 2500-2999)8:10 a.m.520.5 miles
WAVE 2 – staging will begin at 9:30 a.m.
Girls Varsity (Blue 100s)9:45 a.m.416.4 miles
Girls Junior Varsity 1 (Copper 200s)9:50 a.m.416.4 miles
Girls Junior Varsity 2 (Yellow 300s)9:55 a.m.312.3 miles
Girls Freshman (Grey 400s)10:00 a.m.312.3 miles
WAVE 3 – staging will begin at 11:15 a.m.
Boys JV2 – Division 1 (Copper 3000-3499)11:30 p.m.312.3 miles
Boys JV2 – Division 2 (Yellow 3500-3999)11:35 p.m.312.3 miles
WAVE 4 – staging will begin at 12:45 p.m.
Boys Freshman – Division 1 (Grey 4000-4499)1:00 p.m.312.3 miles
Boys Freshman – Division 2 (Red 4500-4999)1:05 p.m.312.3 miles

Independent riders compete in Division 2 in split fields (Boys Junior Varsity 1, Junior Varsity 2 and Freshman).

Lapped riders and riders outside the time limit will be pulled from the race at the finish line once the leader has completed the race. No rider shall begin a new lap 5 minutes before the start of the next race wave.

Staging & Call Ups

All riders will be staged. The staging order will be based on riders final points standing in the four-race conference series in their respective field in the current season. The top 10 placed riders in each field will receive call-ups by name to the starting line.

  • State Championships Qualified Riders List & Staging Order (link updated after Race #4)

The staging order for the 4-person team relay will be based on the conference series season total team points.

  • Team Relay Staging Order (link updated after Race #4)


Parking will be available in the designated areas on both side of Canelo Rd. Click on the top right corner of the Course & Infield Map above to view a larger map of the parking area. Please park efficiently and follow the guidance from our staff once on site.

  • Vehicles must park in the designated areas identified with signs at the venue and as shown on the venue map.
  • All vehicles must abide by the instructions of parking volunteers and/or league staff. Any violators risk imposition of penalties against their respective team.
  • Handicap parking is available in the parking lot near the team pits.
  • Vehicles must use the designated loading/unloading zone and immediately move to designated parking areas after unloading at the team pits area.
  • Vehicles must follow one-way directional traffic in/out of team pit drop off area.
  • No parking allowed in the team pits.

Team Pits

Each team will be assigned a designated pit space.  The team pits will be open to vehicle traffic for loading/unloading during the times listed below. Every team will be given one (1) pass for use in the specified parking area on the pit map. Vehicles may come and go during restricted times, but must remain north of the red line. If you or anyone on your team tries to move a vehicle in the team pits outside of the scheduled times your pit pass may be revoked. No gasoline generators and no open flames inside the team pit area.

Pit Team
0S3 Composite
AAEC Prescott Valley
Andrada Polytechnic High School
Arizona College Preparatory
Basha High School
BASIS Flagstaff
BASIS Oro Valley
BASIS Phoenix
BASIS Prescott
Boulder Creek High School
Bradshaw Mountain High School
Brophy College Prep – Xavier College Prep
Buena High School
Cactus Shadows High School
Canyon del Oro High School
Catalina Foothills High School
Chaparral High School
Cienega High School
Coconino High School
Crossroads Christian Academy
Desert Mountain High School
Desert Vista Mountain Bike Team
East Valley Composite
El Grupo Composite
Empire High School
Flagstaff High School
Hamilton High School
Hopi Composite
Ironwood Ridge High School
Mica Mountain High School
Mingus Union High School
Mountain View High School
Northland Preparatory Academy
Notre Dame Preparatory High School
Odyssey Institute for Advanced & International Studies (OIAIS)
Oro Valley Composite
Paradise Valley Composite
Perry High School
Phoenix Union Composite
Prescott High School
Red Mountain High School
Salpointe Catholic High School
San Tan Composite
Scottsdale Composite
Sedona Composite
SiiHasin Composite
Sky Island Composite
Tanque Verde High School
Tempe Union Composite
Tombstone High School
Tri-City College Prep High School
Tucson High Magnet School
Vail Composite
Veritas Christian Community School
Verrado High School
White Mountains Composite
White Tank Composite
Youth On Track Composite

Move In / Move Out Schedule

  • Friday 12:00 p.m. – Pits open for teams to move in
  • Saturday 9:30 a.m. – Pits closed to vehicles, all automobiles must be out
  • Saturday 3:00 p.m. (approx.) – Pits open to vehicles after the last rider crosses the finish line
  • Sunday 7:30 a.m. – Pits closed to vehicles, all automobiles must be out
  • Sunday 3:00 p.m. (approx.) – Pits open to vehicles after the last rider crosses the finish line

Team Pits Map (click image to enlarge)

Neutral Support

While student-athletes are expected to show up with a fully functional bike, we know that mechanical issues can happen during race day. That’s why ShopTBD will be onsite with experienced and skilled mechanics to help assist riders. Please note that there are no complimentary replacement parts available. ShopTBD may have a limited selection of replacement parts for purchase, subject to availability.

Pivot Chill Zone

Pivot Cycles provides a designated area at races for all student-athletes to chill, chat, or destress before and after races. The Pivot Chill Zone is for racers only – no parents, coaches, or siblings in this one.  Operated by Pivot Cycles staff members at all ACA races, the zone provides a safe space for riders to relax, or just pop in for a fist bump and some words of encouragement.

Food & Beverage Services

Concessions will be available onsite from The Munchie Machine food truck and Better Birdie Air Fried Food.


Race day would not be possible without the incredible work of our volunteers. It takes a “village” to put on quality youth mountain bike races. We’d love to have your help and it’s a great opportunity to see a few different sides of how our races operate.  Sign up at

For questions regarding volunteering, contact our volunteer coordinator.

Additional Event Information

  • Do not attempt to bring firearms or drugs onto the installation.
  • Random Access Measures (RAM) will be in effect. Please be aware you may be asked for insurance or registration information and may be subject to search.
  • Watch your speed while driving on Fort Huachuca.
  • Bicycle riders must comply with all traffic regulations. Helmets are required at all times while riding on Fort Huachuca. Use caution when riding on Canelo Rd; it is open to vehicular traffic.
  • Showers will be provided at the Barnes Field House Fitness Center, a 5-minute drive from the arena site. Bring your own towel. Hours are Saturday and Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. See map for location.
  • Valid military ID required to purchase supplies at AAFES stores (inside gas station) and Post Exchange.
  • When exploring, avoid concrete bunkers or other objects that might be in wooded areas.
  • Fort Huachuca is home to a variety of different wildlife including bear, coyote, fox and javelina. Please be aware and do not approach or harass any of these wild animals.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times. Please pick up after your dog.
  • Dispose garbage in dumpsters provided.
  • Drone use is not allowed at Fort Huachuca.
  • All participants are expected to read, understand and abide by the rules and guidelines set forth in the ACA Rulebook.
  • ACA weather and refunds policy.

Camping & Lodging

Tent camping is available on the arena side of Canelo Rd. RV campers are encouraged to the opposite side of the road from the arena, in the graded area. No open fires are allowed, only contained canister fires for cooking. Do not move or remove any vegetation or items you may encounter. Clean your site when you leave.

Apache Flats RV Resort is also available. Located just a few miles from Wren Arena, amenities include 56 oversized concrete drive-thru pads; water, sewer, 50 AMP electric, cable TV picnic tables and barbecue grills; showers, restrooms, and coin-operated laundry facilities on site; and fenced-in dog play area. Contact Amanda (520-533-1335) at the RV park to make reservations and be sure to let her know that you are participating in the race.