High School Mountain Biking

Mountain biking isn’t an official high school sport, yet, but that isn’t going to stop us from having the some of the finest high school mountain bike clubs in the country. Our teams range from 5 to 75 riders and provide our students with a unique opportunity not found in traditional school sports.  The ACA rewards both individual achievement and teamwork. Priority is placed on demonstrating our core principles – strong mind, strong body, strong character, inclusivity and equality – not just winning.

Middle School Mountain Biking

The ACA’s middle school program is designed to introduce middle school aged riders – grades 6-8 – to the sport of mountain biking. It is focused heavily on fun, fitness, skills and trail etiquette; competition is secondary. Riders get to taste the competitive aspects of mountain biking that they will find when in high school, minus the added pressures when team scoring and season overall standings are applied.

Interscholastic Race Series

ACA-sanctioned races provide student-athletes an opportunity to push themselves in a competitive and fun atmosphere to help them build strong mind, strong body and strong character. The race series is held in the fall. Professional race promotion, timing, course preparation and risk management assures every participating student-athlete is given an enjoyable environment.

Coach Licensing

Coaches are the backbone of our programs and we want to provide the support and education they need to be successful. The coach licensing program is designed to ensure that coaches are equipped to provide quality programming to student-athletes that meets national standards and best practices. The program includes background screening , professional education, first aid training and field work requirements at varying levels for the multiple license levels.