New Name. New Look. Same Mission.

Rebranding involves the revision of an organization’s overall identity and often includes changing an organization’s name, logo and/or promotional image to best identify itself and connect with its various audiences. Often this effort involves aligning the overall look of the organization and how it is known in the minds of its audiences.

After nine years, we felt it was time to update our image. This new look more closely aligns with who we are as an organization. Transitioning our name from ‘League’ to ‘Association’ just makes sense. It more accurately personifies the bond between our entire community of student-athletes, coaches and families, and it better aligns with the essence of our complete slate of activities. ‘League’ conjures competition and while our race series is notable, common to all of our programming is an emphasis on fun, fitness, skills, good sportsmanship and stewardship. Plus, nobody ever really used ‘interscholastic’ so we decided to embrace a shortened name. That is how we came up with Arizona Cycling Association!

While the “official” name of our 501(c)(3) is Arizona Cycling Association, you will also see us use Arizona Cycling and ACA. It is like Rebecca going by Becky or LeBron James going by LBJ. So, it is totally up to you!

The new logo design and brand guidelines showing proper usage of the new branding, color palette and font family are available on the ACA Brand page of our website.

Absolutely! We’re donning the change right away, but we don’t expect you to toss anything that has plenty of life left in it. There will be a reasonable transition time from the old logo to the new one, including exhaustion of existing inventory carrying the old logo (e.g., team jerseys). We simply ask that you switch to the new logo as you order/reorder things.

No. While our name and logo have changed this is the same organization, operated by the same staff you have come to know. It is our ongoing goal that our programs will only improve. The organization is overseen by the same Board of Directors which continues to provide leadership to secure a bright and long future for the ACA. It is like buying a new car, just because you are driving a new car does not mean you are a different person. We are still us, just with a fresh new look!

No, we remain an active dues paying member with NICA. We originally joined NICA in 2012 because we believed that membership would put us in the best position to deliver on a shared mission of youth development through cycling. The Arizona Cycling Association is an independently incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are not NICA, our affiliation is professional. The ACA is self-supported, self-funded and self-governed. NICA is our trade group and sanctioning body.  As with any business relationship, we are continually reviewing the partnership and will remain a NICA member as long as the connection is a net asset for us.  Like all decisions made by ACA leadership – past, present or future – they are reached in the interest of serving Arizona’s student-athletes, coaches and families. If things ever change for us, you will always be in the know.

The website has a new look and we have a new domain – In the coming months, we will add new information and new features to make THE source for information about youth mountain biking in Arizona.

Yes, our email addresses are changing, too. Please update your contacts.

League Director

Race Series

Coach Training & Support

Girls Riding Trails (GRiT)

No, you don’t have to do a thing. If you already follow us, then you’re set. We are currently working with the individual social media platforms to update our usernames. But that change will not impact any current followers.