The ACA’s middle school program is designed to introduce middle school aged riders to the sport of mountain biking and is focused heavily on fun, fitness, skills and trail etiquette, with a taste of the competitive aspects of mountain biking that they will find when in high school minus the additional pressures when team scoring and season overall standings are applied.

Middle school student-athletes may participate in the ACA by forming clubs at their schools or practicing with existing registered high school teams. Races are age-appropriate in time, distance and terrain. Any middle-school student-athletes (riders on middle school teams, riders on high school teams or independent riders) who have fully registered and paid fees in the Pit Zone are eligible to compete. Check our main page, Race & Results page and newsletters for updated information.

Definitions & Parameters

  • “Middle School” applies to student-athletes in 6th, 7th and 8th grade in the fall.
    • Sixth graders in “elementary school” may participate in middle school programming. Ninth graders in a “middle school” or “junior high school” compete in the freshman category at the high school level.
  • Middle school specific racing will occur on courses tailored to middle school riders.
  • Middle school students may join the league and participate in one of three ways:
    • Join an existing registered ACA middle school or high school team. High school teams accept middle school riders at the team director’s discretion. They are not required to accept middle school riders. Once registered, the middle school student is permitted to practice with the team and will be insured while riding under the supervision of a licensed coach.  Check the ACA map for a listing of the existing teams.
    • Form a middle school team.
      • Middle school clubs register their teams with the ACA. Email the executive director for more information.
      • Each student on a middle school club will have to register in Pit Zone.
      • Once a club is registered and its participants have submitted completed waivers and paid their fees, insurance will be in effect for the practices held during the season.
    • Independent racers. Middle school students who don’t live near an existing AICL high school or middle school team can compete at a middle school race as an Independent racer. Contact the executive director for more information.
  • Race day medals will be given to the top five finishers for both the boys and girls classes.
  • There will be no team scoring for the middle school race; the middle school race will not count towards high school team points.
  • Number plates for middle school races can be picked up at the Registration tent at the first race a rider participates in.
  • Middle school programs shall focus on fun, skills, fitness, and etiquette as primary and competition as secondary.
  • Middle school club practices need not occur 3-4 times per week, 1-2 times per week is acceptable and appropriate.
  • Middle school student parents are strongly encouraged to obtain NICA coach licenses (Level 1 at minimum) to assist in managing middle school programs.
  • Strict coaching ratios must be applied when managing middle school practices.

How to Register Middle School Riders

Rider registration is only possible after being invited by a coach.

  • Teams already registered in the Pit Zone can invite new middle school riders to register onto their team by using the “Invite New Riders” feature on the team dashboard.
  • Riders receive the invite link via email.  To log-in to the Pit Zone, riders should click on the invite link and set up a login and password as instructed.
  • Follow the instructions to register. Fill out all information in its entirety through each screen.
  • Each student on a middle school club must pay an annual registration fee.
  • Students who want to race may purchase the full season Race Package or pay a per race.
  • Proceed to checkout to pay via credit card or check.